Bars & Breweries

Bars and craft breweries are popping up everywhere in Pompano Beach, each pouring unique flavors and buzzing with fresh fun. Forget just grabbing a drink–these spots are like community hubs, with live music, trivia nights, and even food trucks to tantalize your taste buds. Whether you're a beer lover or just looking for a vibrant night out with the whole crew, skip the ordinary and tap into the heart of Pompano Beach's nightlife–right at your local brewery or bar.

Where to Grab a Brew 

For a classic pub atmosphere, Briny Irish Pub is your go-to. Friendly bartenders, live music most nights, and walls plastered with Guinness memorabilia make it a cozy spot to grab a pint and swap stories. Enjoy live music from the outdoor terrace overlooking a golf course with a cocktail or beer in hand at Galuppi's. Pier 6 Rooftop Lounge raises the bar with its sleek open-air space, offering panoramic ocean views and craft cocktails for those who like their nightlife with a touch of elegance.

The craft beer scene has exploded in recent years, bringing with it a wave of breweries to Pompano Beach. Whether you're seeking the latest IPA creation or a casual sipper looking for a fruity wheat beer, there's a brewery to suit your taste. Hit up Odd Breed Wild Ales, Dangerous Minds Brewing Co., 26° Brewing Company, Black Flamingo Brewing Co., and Pompano Beach Brewing Company for their rotating taps, trivia nights, live music, and pet and kid-friendly vibes. 

The options are endless, and the atmosphere is always lively, making Pompano Beach the perfect spot for a fun and flavorful night out.