Free Circuit Shuttle

Never has getting around in Pompano Beach been easier or more fun! Leave your car at home and jump on the electric shuttle service by Circuit. When you are ready to be picked up, simply use the on-demand “Ride Circuit” App to request a pick-up, wave down the closest fleet driver or head to a shuttle stop within the service area.

What is the Pompano Circuit?

The Pompano Circuit, is an environmentally-friendly, electric public transportation option that transports riders through service areas which include: Pompano Beachfront, Fishing Pier, Harbor Pier, Beach Hotels, Downtown Shopping, Restaurants & more. Riders can quickly and easily get to where they want to go in Pompano Beach.

Service area Map

Catch a Ride on the Pompano Circuit

Download the App

Use the free "Ride Circuit" App to alert a fleet driver to come pick you up. Riders must be within a service area. Download the "Ride Circuit" App from Google Play or the App Store

Wave To A Fleet Driver

When you are ready to be picked up, simply wave down the nearest Pompano Circuit fleet driver.

When Can I Catch a Pompano Circuit?

Sunday - Thursday: 11am - 9pm
Friday - Saturday: 10am - 11pm

How Many Passengers Can Ride on the Pompano Circuit?

Each individual Pompano Circuit can accommodate up to 5 passengers. While there is no minimum number of passengers required, we do encourage people to ride together. The shuttles have a special area in the back for your belongings, luggage, and beach toys.

Customer Service

To reach a Circuit Customer Service Representative:
• Call 646.504.3733
• Email:

ADA Accessibility

An ADA accessible shuttle is available upon request.