Fishing in Pompano Beach

Fishing is king in Pompano Beach. After all, our destination is named after the pompano fish. With quick drop-offs in-shore, rich reefs, and deep-water wrecks teeming with marine life, anglers can choose from a variety of fishing styles that include charters, party boats, pier or shore fishing, and even extreme kayak fishing. Fishing is a year-round sport in Pompano Beach, as something is always biting. 

Book a Charter

If you’re looking for adventure on the water, book a fishing charter and let the local experts take you to premium fishing spots. 

Depending on how long you want to be on the water, Pompano Beach fishing charters range from half-day or all-day trips, and longer trips usually visit multiple spots. Find customized excursions down to the type of fish you’re looking to snag and choose from different methods, including in-shore fishing, reef fishing, deep-sea fishing, sport fishing, or even drift fishing. For a more affordable option, try a party boat, which usually takes a large group of people on a fishing trip for less. 

Go Pier Fishing

Carve out time to fish from the Pompano Beach Fisher Family Pier. Stretching nearly 900 feet over the Atlantic Ocean with the end shaped like a pompano fish, it’s a standout place for pier fishing. Not only are you treated to beautiful ocean views but there are numerous covered spots to seek shelter from the sun. 

You can bring your own fishing gear or hit the Bait Shop at the entrance to rent everything you need for a day fishing on the pier. The $27 package includes a fishing license, rod, bait, a bucket, a knife for cutting your bait, a towel, and a discounted garage parking rate.  

What You’ll Catch

With a vast array of fish of every size and shape, you never know what prized species you’ll reel in. 

If you opt for deep-sea fishing, hunt for sailfish, kingfish, mahi mahi, and wahoo, or bottom fish for snapper and grouper. If you head for the in-shore waters of the Intracoastal, you can hook species such as snook, tarpon, barracuda, jack, and sharks. There’s also the chance for freshwater fishing to catch prized large-mouth bass, peacock bass, snakehead, and clown knife fish.

Popular Fishing Events

Those who are serious about the sport or enjoy the thrill of the catch can test their skills and win some major cash (and bragging rights) at annual tournaments and special events. 

A tradition since 1965, anglers look forward to the two-day Pompano Beach Fishing Rodeo, which takes place every May. A bevy of boats head out of the Hillsboro Inlet with anglers looking to round up big fish and prizes. Winter in South Florida is a prime time for sportfishing, and in February, anglers can join the 3-inlet format of the Sailfish Challenge

You need a fishing kayak to join the Extreme Kayak Fishing Tournament, which hosts off-shore kayaking fishing tournaments, including the Summer Slam and the Sailfish Smackdown. 

Fishing in Pompano Beach is always an adventure, and hopefully, you’ll go home with a fish tale to remember.