For those who consider a day well spent on the water, Pompano Beach stands out as the ultimate destination, especially for kayakers. With convenient access to the beach, the Intracoastal Waterway, and a canal system, the opportunities for exploration are endless. Whether you opt for a leisurely paddle through the scenic waterways or prefer a day of fishing, kayaking in Pompano Beach promises an unforgettable experience.

Bring a Kayak or Rent One

You’re more than welcome to bring your kayak, but if you don’t have one or are traveling light, there are a number of local businesses for kayak rentals in Pompano Beach. That includes American Watersports, KC Jet Ski and Watersports Rental, On the Beach Watersports, and On the Intracoastal Watersports. These locations offer single and double kayaks, so you can share a ride or go solo to explore Pompano Beach’s waterways.

While kayaking, you’re sure to see groups of iguanas sunning themselves, herons and egrets flying overhead, and, if you’re lucky, a manatee or two as they head to warmer waters from November to March. It’s a whole different vibe in the evening hours as nocturnal animals make their way out of the mangroves to start their own day. For ocean kayakers, be on the lookout for an array of fish, seagulls, and pelicans.

Reel in Fun–Go Kayak Fishing

Kayak fishing is a fitting activity for Pompano Beach, named after the pompano fish. Off the Pompano Beach Fisher Family Pier, you can reel in snapper, and further out, your catch of the day can be anything from mahi-mahi to wahoo, tuna, and other fish. 

If you’re a pro at fishing from a kayak, consider entering a contest to test your skills. Since 2011, the Extreme Kayaking Fishing Tournament has brought together fishermen, hosting three major tournaments: Sailfish Smackdown in January, Exotic Bass Roundup in April, and the Summer Slam Series in the summer months.

Kayaking in Pompano Beach is just one way to embrace the sun, fun, and adventure found off our beautiful shores. Beyond kayaking, endless aquatic activities await, including fishing, boating, diving, and more.